The western part of Europe has suffered greatly from the barbaric invasions after the 5th century A.D., causing deep alteration in its social structure with implications reaching up to the spiritual field. The result of these implications in the spiritual field created a new civilization. Today we call it "Western Civilization". The (barbarically invaded) Western Europe is the source of this "Frankish Civilization". Someone must be aware of the barbaric invasions in order to comprehent today's developments in the western society, which revolve around the struggle between Eurofrankishm and Eurohellenism , as they are expessed through western mentality and Orthodoxy.

Europe before the barbaric invasions

The Roman Empire at the end of the 4th century. Rome is marked by X and Konstantinoupolis (New Rome) is marked by +.

The year 330 A.D. marks the beginning of the "New Rome era", the transfer of the Empire's capital from Rome to Konstantinoupolis and the formation of the Romeic Empire ("Romania"), however not to be confused with today's State of Romania (=Roumania) in East Europe.

The Romeic Empire of Konstantinoupolis ("Byzantion", as was later called) was based on the triptich: Roman state structure - Hellenic Education - Christianity. This triptich was gradually integrated into the form called Orthodoxy.

Frankogerman barbaric invasions
and Celtic expansion
until the first third of the 6th century

...... = Heavy German settlement
oooooo = Romeic areas ruled by Germans
xxxxxx = Celtic expansion

The barbaric invasions, after the 5th century, gradually separated and alienated the west part of the Romeic (Byzantine) Hellenochristian Empire from the authentic Christian way of living as expressed by Orthodoxy .

The conquerors had no historic connection whatsoever to the first Apostolic Church. They had no experience of the Christian way of living. As a result, they gradually introduced unacceptable alterations in their "christian" way of living. They reached their climax in the face of the Pope and the Papal Secular State: the Vatican. The Protestant movement could have changed the situation and could have returned the West to the original Christian way of living: the Orthodox one. However, they did little. They simply changed masters to the German and other monarchs, who wanted to (politicaly) differentiate themselves from the Vatican State and interpreted the Protestant movement as one more political element of differentiation. In this direction, the Protestants renounced Tradition (the way of interpreting the Bible), instead of adopting the Orthodox one, which was not contaminated by the outrageous alterations of the Vatican Secular State.

Second wave of invasions
and the limits of the Romeic Empire
during the era of Emperor Ioustinianos,
including the reconquests between 530 and 550 A.D.

...... = Lombard Germans
oooooo = Slavic settlements
xxxxxx = Islamic expansion (720 A.D.)
|||||| = Nomadic people: Bulgars, Avars

The entry of Slavs into Christianity is an important turning point in history. The Slavs were introduced into the Orthodox Christian way of living and avoided falling into the western alterated "Christianity". The Slavs accepted and introduced themselves in what the West had renounced.

Third wave of invasions
during the 9th century

++++++ = Byzantine Romeic Empire
o-o-o- = Saxon England during Alfred the Great
xxxxxx = Carolingian Frankish Empire

The unified west European power center, after the Charlemagne era, was the product of solidifing the Frankogerman alterations of Christianiy. The current cooperation of the French and German power centers, primarily in Europe (and against Greece or Orthodox people), as expressed by the New World Order, is the 20th century attempt to reinstate the initial power center of the barbaric conquerors of West Europe.

Europe in the 11th century

++++++ = Byzantine Romeic Empire
xxxxxx = German Roman Empire

The year 1204 was the culmination of the western Frankogerman hatred against the East Romeic (Hellenic) Empire. This was the year when the western "Christian" crusaders conquered Konstantinoupolis and signed the death sentence for the freedom of the Romeic Empire. The fall of Konstantinoupolis in 1453 to the Ottoman Empire was inevitable. It was the execution of the death sentence.

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